Jacques Favre

Me and Dior

Becoming a programmer - Jacques

While studying horsemanship in the US, I become involved with producing web-based educational materials for a company leading the digital horsemanship community. The training company was very progressive using IT processes throughout most of their business. I was hooked and hungry to learn more. I am now back in school at Santa Fe College to study.

Interesting design feature while building this web site.

Responsive design

The site will adjust to the size of the screen. There is a desktop down version, and a mobile up version!


On the desktop view, “Projects” is a link. However, when in the mobile view, a “Projects list” was added to get to the projects page.

Image rollover

On Jaf page, Images will switch on hoover on the desktop view, and will switch on touch on a touch screen.


On the the bikes page, powered by JQuerry.

Light box

On the Dior page, a 5 images JQuerry Lightbox swap was used. The thumbnails were resized to insure they were on one line regardless of screen size.


On the contact page, a google form that is active if you feel like giving me feeedback!.


On Jacques page, there is this accordion to display a list of facts about this site.


The size of some of the links was increased and displayed in blue on the mobile screen size to make it easier to use.


On the Project page, the Table is styled to fit on small screens. There is some color effects as well of resising of images and a change from 1 to 2 colums to adjust to screen sizes. And there is a video on the Dior page.